QData business optimization consulting services

QData business optimization consulting services

QData business optimization consulting servicesQData business optimization consulting servicesQData business optimization consulting services

 Expert business loss prevention consulting directly from seasoned professionals  

About Us


  QData's reputation has been built on disaster recovery and business loss prevention for companies that have been shut down by government entities for violations, lost their servers or data due to theft or natural disaster or simply saw way too much of their profits slipping through their fingers. Given the present environment though, it is clear that every company needs to take disaster recovery precautions before they are critical to survival. 



Any business, no matter how large or small must create a business disaster recovery plan as systems as well as our environment have become so increasingly complex that it is now impossible to determine where the next threat will come from. Weather, theft, fire, Pandemic, Government intervention or seizure… anything can happen that could cost loss of profits or even the entire business if the proper steps aren’t taken. 

All QData® executives have at least 20 years of “C” level management experience in industrial manufacturing, clean room environment, consumer products and services, digital and offline media, branding and direct response marketing to name a few popular skillsets. 

With direct P&L responsibility as well as a history of developing proven solutions, QData® can provide fast results with a minimum of disruption as you go through the process. Additionally; since QData® already knows your industry, you will not be saddled with endless consulting fees just to understand your business enough to begin creating solutions. 

With QData®, you control and we will work with your IT and management staff allowing them as much hands on development as their skill sets allow. Where they fall short, we will provide experts to fill in and train so that once your job is complete, you not only have a profitable business that can weather any storm, your staff is trained to monitor and understand your business at a level far beyond the norm. 

QData® provides solutions for Business management, Phones, Servers, Database Management, call center services, Data services, manufacturing, marketing and media with the ability to manage all staff, contractors, agents and partners. 

For a free initial consultation, please contact us by email or 800/201-0601. 


Current Projects/Partners



Qalm has been commissioned to create an innovative job app on a global basis aimed at resolving a currently unaddressed problem that touches almost everyone. "Micro Tasks". 

A Micro Task is something that can be handled in minutes or hours if you just had someone in the geographic location where a problem needs to be resolved. Who has't seen a car on ebay, craigslist.. and wondered whether the offer you are seeing is actually real? With Qalm, app users can pickup work by handling the verification (wherever seller says it is located) by taking pictures, asking getting documents... or if you are traveling and you need someone to translate for a meeting, resolve an issue... There are literally millions of issues that arise every day where a micro job can resolve the need. 

Project has been completed and is being presented to investors by its principals.

For more info, please review www.qalm.news.


Qbanq is an internally commissioned "Business as a Bank" platform that allows mid level businesses ($20m or higher in annual payables) to have the benefits of Fortune 100 companies, but with even more sophistication and wealth management benefits.

Additionally, ,we developed a non PCI/ACH merchant processing platform for CBD and Cannabis. 

Project is in final phase of completion and has patents pending. For more information, please see www.myqbanq.com


Angellink was designed to resolve another critical problem involving helping others. Instead of most (if not all) your donations going to cover inflated costs, overhead and let's face it, sometimes greed, Angellink is designed so every donation can be tracked to fulfillment with video and GPS tracking documentation required for all payments showing the project and monies were spent as donated.  

Project is in final phase of completion and is looking for investors. For more on the great features of Angellink, please see www.angellink.org


QLAN is designed for large commercial properties to drastically reduce lighting and electrical costs by creating a wireless LAN using the building lighting, A/C controls and security system to create a "wireless mesh network" that actually creates power back to  the electrical grid while also creating a robust WiFi network allowing building occupants to utilize their computers, phones, printers... This mesh network allows the building owner to become the wireless provider for all occupants which includes TV, Phone and Internet revenues. 

Project has been completed and is in production. For more information, please go to www.qlaninc.com


Another major issue plaguing the world is the incredible amount of water required to push oil out of the ground that is unquestionably needed for our society to exist. Additionally, once that water has been contaminated, it is traditionally injected into deep wells so it will never be used again requiring a huge resupply requirement and it will hopefully not contaminate the existing underground groundwater aquifers. QH2O has been developed to resolve both those problems at a very low cost. Using its proprietary technology, QH2O separates the oil from water and heavy solids so no oil is wasted, the water is clean enough to be continually used and the heavy solids can be used for industrial applications like road base, fill dirt... Since QH2O does not use filters, membranes, manifolds, electrical probes, magnets... it does not require maintenance which solves another major problem in the industry. Project has been completed and is slated for automated field production 2nd quarter 2020. For more information, please visit www.qh20systems.com 


Who Are We?


Tim Dupler, Esq; CEO

Tim Dupler has over 30 years of extensive experience as President/CEO with hands on experience in software architecture, business layouts, media management, call center and operational management for consumer product and service companies citing the following examples:

  • President of Ronco Inventions from 1999 to 2001 during the launch of the “Showtime Rotisserie” with annual revenues over $250mm per year and $100mm profits.
  • Amden Corporation: (Robert Urich; Cybersonic Toothbrush) President of Company, built operations and media company.
  • Los Defensores/800THELAW2: Family business with wife, built operations and media programs. On panel that wrote attorney advertising laws for Ca. and adopted by ABA. 76% market share in Spanish and 49% market share for English during tenure.
  • US Auto Parts, Inc.: Re-vamped Manila, Philippines 500 seat call center and increased monthly sales from $3.2mm monthly revenue to over $7mm monthly within 6 months.
  • Mr. Dupler earned a Juris Doctorate Degree from The University of West Los Angeles School of Law. Provided distinguished service to his country in the United States Army Infantry Sergeant in 4 years of Rapid Deployment Infantry units worldwide. Honorable Discharge as a Disabled Army Veteran. Training from General Motors Training School in Memphis, Tennessee and related work experiences resulted in registered GM engineer in 1978.
  • Linkedin Profile:
  •  linkedin.com/in/tim-dupler-esq-3330b04

Jim Pinto; Director

Mr. Pinto has over 30 years experience developing business in domestic and International environments, for the manufacture in: Automotive, Aerospace, Machining, Semiconductor, Electronics, Medical Devices, Environmental, Security Systems, and Consumer Products. During Mr. Pinto’s Career he has held positions as President, COO and Vice President of Business Development. Co-Founder of Compart Precision Technologies Group, Shenzhen China – Ultra Clean Manufacturing with 2000 CNC machines and 15,000 people, Mr. Pinto’s clients included; Boeing, Honeywell, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Soto Metals Automotive, Teledyne, Allied Signal, Warner Technologies, Southwest Electric, NASA Lewis Research, GTE Sylvania, Kinetics, Cummings Aerospace, Solo Aerospace, International University Fund Moscow, Applied Materials, Lam, Matheson Tri-Gas, Unit Instruments, Seagate, Spearfish Economic Development Council, Broadway Singapore, Champion Investments–Automotive / Motorcycles, Harley Division, Indian Motorcycles, Yamaha, Honda, GM, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Tandex, Polaris, Icon Media Automotive Configurators, Whites Auto, Home Depot, Sears, Wall Mart, Cal-Tex Marketing. Author of White Paper “Hands On America”, Patent Holder #6,125,887, for Surface mounted integrated modules. Mr. Pinto held the office of  Chief Strategy Officer at Icon Interactive and currently holds several Board positions in the industry. Education: Stevens College - AB Accounting, New Hampshire College – BA – Accounting / Financing, Southern New Hampshire University – BS- Business, attended Boston College Law, Exchange Student McGill University, Canada, Toyota School of Lean Manufacturing, ISO Quality Training and Six Sigma, WFI-Hong Kong, International Banking, Training In Quality Management.

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