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A world without magic would not be a world worth living in, yet magic comes in many shapes and forms and is infinitely complex to decipher and understand, but simply put, QData™ has paired the latest cutting edge quantum dots using QData's light and radio frequency programmers with the latest and most robust quantum data platforms in the world. QData is Quantum Dot Data!



Patent Title: Quantum Dot Graphene Quantum Data Multi Modal Transducer:

EFS ID: 32476708

Application Number: 62664117

Electrically charged graphene nanodot creates a non-toxic transducer that is safe for consumption and the environment making it capable of replacing Lithium, lead and other toxic conductors capable of sensing pressure, temperature, location and chemical exposure. Sensitivity of dots includes ability to sense temperature changes in Fahrenheit to .10 and greater. Chemical and pressure sensitivity are likewise as sensitive.

Quantum data requires the capability of tying software as a server nodes providing peer to peer verification of encrypted data for thin, but beyond 256 bit encryption capability. 

Combining the above quantum dot and quantum data provides a nanodot capable of achieving properties beyond current technology . 

Patent #2: 

EFS ID: 32518272

Application #: 62666089

Patent Title:  Graphene film multi modal non toxic sensor/transducer.

QDotData  Graphene film used as electrical and thermal conductive material  which is impermeable to all solids, gels, gases and Fluids would  be programmed to send a wireless Signal to any encrypted interface integrated electronically to work from a database or communicate with other controllers or monitoring systems in real time via blockchain software as a server nodes.  Using Graphene in a QDotData format will be a very effective cost saving method in verticals such as testing chemical exposure in humans, animals, plants and other organic material. Further, The ability of the graphene to sense extremely slight variations in temperature and pressure also allow a myriad of opportunities in medical, environmental and organic treatment and eventually diagnosis in humans, animals and fluid and pressure systems.  

QData systems can also be programmed with Artificial Intelligence to act as a safety controller, which will speak to all programmed operators to determine proper functionality.  In addition, QData system will harvest real-time data collection and Storage for Intelligent acquisition of relevant data logging via encrypted software as a server nodes to its secured data storage systems for Safety and retrieval to serve data mining, monitoring, metering, and provide proof of principle to any system as needed.   

The electrically charged QData graphene nanofilm creates a non-toxic transducer that is safe for consumption and the environment making it capable of replacing Lithium, lead and other toxic conductors capable of sensing pressure, temperature, location and chemical exposure. Sensitivity of dots includes ability to sense temperature changes in Fahrenheit to .10 and greater. Chemical and pressure sensitivity are likewise as sensitive. Quantum data requires the capability of tying software as a server nodes providing peer to peer and multi server verification of encrypted data for thin, but beyond 256 bit encryption capability.   

Combining the above quantum film and quantum data provides the capacity to achieving security and capacity beyond current protocols and processes. 

Current Projects/Partners




Imagine a DNA Registry across all networks that creates a “chain of title” for every transaction. Once enacted, any transaction code or currency outside chain of title would be blocked and funds recovered. Launch 6/2018.

Is Aerospace tired of “Yellow Tags” put in place prior to WWII? They should be, but QData™ has a microscopic dot tracker that can provide far more info than any yellow tag, but cannot be lost or misplaced. As the dot would be embedded in the metal and is impervious to heat, moisture or exposure, the QData™ also contains a tracking device and registry unparalleled by previous data options. 

Imagine a Pharmaceutical inspector walking into a pharmacy and scanning the shelves with a receiver. Any product that does not light up the receiver is counterfeit! Dots can be inserted in approved raw materials and compositions of liquid, gel or solids. Once installed, they provide a chain of custody and title all the way to the consumer. Reporting would be automatic and fraud, counterfeiting and theft could be eliminated!

What happens to oil once it is out of the ground? QData™ can be embedded in oil and other toxic chemicals to detect transport, leaks, theft and even dilution!

Track any material from clothing, auto parts, machine tools, cars, appliances… with QData™!

Multiple Covert and specialty application opportunities enabled by QData™!

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What separates rainmakers from pretenders is who recognizes data as their most valuable asset and how to pair this asset with the right people, technology and analytics.

We know businesses want better outcomes and flexibility. With Teradata Everywhere™, you can future-proof your analytic-investment with the ability to select on-premises and/or cloud deployment options and purchasing models.

San Diego, Ca. USA


Q: What is the response range of the QData Dot?

A: Consider the QData Dot as a receiver that will respond to any properly tuned transmitter. For short range you can use a smartphone. From there, a customized WiFi or other local or serial network, 5G, Satellite… We will need to discuss your needs and see what makes sense.

Q: Is the QData Dot toxic?

A: No, QData Dot is a graphene nanodot that is non toxic. In fact, the same Dot is used in internal medicine under FDA approval.

Q: Does the QData Dot have the ability to sense temperature or pressure?

A: Yes, the QData Dot not only senses temperature and pressure, but it can also be programmed to send alerts or responses such as sending its location when it senses the programmed circumstance.

Q: What is the lifecycle of the QData Dot?

A: As a receiver, the QData Dot is not constantly using its power. It only responds to signals sent so the lifecycle is expected to last many years. An example would be if used to track downhole solutions or disposal wells. If those wells were infused with the QData Dot, should the solution ever seep into the groundwater, the QData Dots would signal whether, and if so, who is responsible for the contamination. 

Q: What is Graphene?

A: Graphene is an element similar, but 3x more powerful than Lithium so its ability to create power is beyond current technology.

Q: Can the QData Dot be used as a GPS tracker?

A: Yes, the QData Dot can be used as a programmable GPS tracker. An example could be that in oil pipeline, shipping, storing…. If the QData Dot is intended to go from point A to point B and it veers off course, stops, diverts… the QData Dot can send a single alerting the owner. 

Q: What is the cost of the QData Dot?

A: Each QData Dot is less than a few cents so the cost of the dot itself is negligible. 

Q: Are there other costs associated with the QData Dot?

A: Again, the QData Dot is only the receiver. There are costs associated with the programming of the QData Dots, the type and strength of the network used, the amount of data and people required to access the network, the purpose it is intended, encryption needs…

Q: What kind of company is QDot Data Holdings, Inc.?

A: QDot Data Holdings Inc. is a service company. Our business is consulting with clients to build out the network designed to provide optimum results for its clients.

Q: Who are QDot Data Holdings, Inc. clients?

A: Companies desiring or required to track oil, food products, currencies, people, products… in a manner more sophisticated, accurately and intensely than what is available with conventional technology.

Q: What technology comprises QDot Data Holdings, Inc.?

Teradata, Inc.: Teradata manages “Big Data” for companies such as Starbucks, Microsoft and numerous other companies with data needs in excess of $5mm per year in server and data expense. Under QData’s white label contract, QData can aggregate its clients to make one good client for Teradata giving QData’s customers the value of large companies while only paying the price of what they actually need. 

QData Nanodot: QData holds the exclusive rights to the Qdata Dot for DNA Registry purposes as well as numerous other verticals. The Dot is capable of multiple applications and continual reprogramming.


Food and Plants:

Q:  Will potency or yield of the plants be affected

​A:  No, the nanodots ore non toxic FDA approved graphene​

Q:  Is it approved for human consumption?  FDA, NSF etc 

​A:  Yes, in fact it is used for internal medicine at this time. ​

Q:  Affect this will have on the "organic" status of the plants

A​: Graphene is organic and less than 20 microns in size. The FDA allows more fecal matter than that. (disgusting, but true)​

Q:  Impact on cost of production/implementation & cost of final product

​A: Nanodot cost is a fraction of RFID and is $.02 per or less depending on requirements. Cost is in database and receiver/transmitters which will be scaled based on need. Either way, the cost benefit will be enormous when you eliminate theft, contamination, liability...​

The other questions have been regarding possible impact of plants immunity, safety for end consumer, track abilities, risk factors, and data/experience of current users. 

​No effect on immunity, non toxic registered graphene, no risk factors as already approved, data will be blockchain through white label from Teradata at tier 1 server hosting network.

 Equipment Tagging:

Q: I have recently sat in meetings where data tagging of equipment has been discussed , the current solution utilises sticky tags , key fobs and protection boxes to be designed when fitted to large pieces of construction equipment

A: Yes they can walk past with a phone and identify each piece of equipment however additional engineering is required to actually install the “TAG”.

Q: My understanding of the DOT is that it can be installed on to any item , requires no special protection and can ultimately become part of the structure, my concept would be to drill a small hole into a metallic item place the DOT inside the hole and then fill the hole with the relevant sealing compound , cover with paint and no one would know where the TAG was, is this possible ??.

A: It is possible, or the tag can be "melted into metal, plastic.. during manufacture and then programmed to the owner upon sale.

GPS / Location Tracking..

Q: How close to a handheld device does the hand held need to be to activate the DOT.

A:  It can be activated up to several hundred feet or remote depending on type of signal used.

Q: Can the DOT be interrogated by a mobile phone network system. 

A: The dot is encrypted and will not respond without compatible device. Multiple options and levels depending on security needs.

Q: How accurate in terms of actual location can the DOT be measured to i.e X,Y,Z coordinates for digital mapping. 

A: GPS location depends on equipment used and programming. WAAS (military grade movement tracking) is available.

Q: How much data can be stored on the Dot? Can that data be erased or tampered with? How? A: The dot is a receiver with the data aligned with the dot being held in a secure database so there are no limitations on the dot itself. 1(b) The data is encrypted and held behind servers with peer to peer encryption so erasing from the main profile and tampering to permanently destroy data would be near impossible. 1(c) There are numerous chips in each action and they are impervious to heat and cold (less than -70 degrees Fahrenheit)

Q: What is the “battery life”? Is it power by the scanner like RFIDs? 

A: Conditions would vary, but I am told to expect in excess of 20+ years at minimum. 2(b) Yes, it is a receiver.

Q: While it can be read from a Wifi Phone can it be read from other devices and at what distance? 

A:  It can be read from any device encrypted device programmed to transmit compatible with the dot. Therefore; we can use a cell phone, LAN, WiFi, 5G, Satellite with each having limited to unlimited distance capacity depending on the contract. 

Q:  I assume that it can be suspended in a liquid but of course one would need FDA approval before it can be suspended in drinks? Can it be read through a metal, Glass wooden, plastic  container? 

A(a):  The Dots are used in medical applications in internal medicine and are certified non toxic. A(b):  Yes, the dots can be melted into metal, aluminum, glass, plastic, kevlar, human body....

Q:  I imagine that it will replace RFIDs. Is that correct? 

A: Yes, but RFID, GPS, pressure sensors, temperature, contamination, exposure...

Senior Advisor:

Salim A. Suleman

12307 Glen Road cell: +1.240.328.7683

Potomac, MD 20854 Email: slim@suleman.us.com

Chief Executive Officer • Entrepreneur • Skilled Investor

Expert in Change Management and Transformational Growth

Award winning telecommunications executive acknowledged internationally for launching one of the

largest satellite telecommunications networks in Africa. A true visionary with a strategic mindset and

proven performance in leading organizations through change and building cohesive teams of

talented professionals that consistently deliver exceptional growth and profits in extremely

challenging operating environments. A corporate strategy and change management specialist adept

at turning around troubled companies and motivating culturally diverse teams while maintaining core

corporate values. Led and motivated multinational team of 1,700 employees and distributors

spanning 26 countries to achieve phenomenal growth in sales and revenues topping US $ 30 million.

Vast experience spans start ups in aviation, telecommunications, oil and gas, and agriculture sectors,

including mergers and acquisitions and preparing mature businesses for sale.

Select Accomplishments

Launched one of Africa’s most recognized and successful brands - iWay Africa the leading

corporate internet service in Africa at the time.

Built a globally recognized telecommunications company - a continent-wide leader in

providing voice, data and internet service to corporate customers in 26 countries across Africa from

a fledgling data services company with license to operate in one country.

Generated over 400% ROI for investors; secured own venture capital from OPIC-backed fund

and private investors based on track record of sound growth and profit potential.

Designed first ever Business Broadband (iBand) service for Africa.

Career Summary

Large Scale Change Management Corporate Strategy and Planning Leadership Development

Multinational Marketing & Sales


Creative Branding & New Product


Cost Containment & Profit


Investor Relations Investor Relations Strategic Partnerships

Crisis Management Capitalization Strategies Real Estate Development

Simba Corporation, Nairobi, Kenya 2014 - present

Kenyan conglomerate with businesses including car dealerships, vehicle assembly, 5 Star hotel chain, and real estate



• Chairman, Finance, Investment and Strategy Committee

• Created master strategy plan to scale and grow core businesses including purchase of vehicle

assembly plant, purchase of 5 Star hotel chain and development of 3 Star hotel chain. Overseeing


ImaraSat, Nairobi, Kenya 2010 - present

Start-up, satellite-based Business Broadband (iBand) Internet service for Africa.


• Leveraging entrepreneurial skill, technical knowledge and market insight to launch first broadband

Internet service in Africa designed specifically for business

• Developing continent-wide sales and marketing strategy and launching iBand brand.

• Leading strategic planning process and initiating growth strategies aimed at rapidly capturing

corporate Internet services market while relaunching Africa-wide distributor network.

Afsat Communications (iWayAfrica), Nairobi, Kenya

1998 - 2009

A US $ 150 million company that provided corporate communications solutions across Africa.

Founder & CEO

• Designed iWay Africa network and built the largest corporate Internet service in Africa.

• Developed iWay Africa brand and continent-wide marketing campaign.

• Formed and nurtured strategic partnerships with distributors in 26 countries across Africa, satellite

companies providing bandwidth and manufacturers of network equipment as well as share-holders

and venture capital investors.

• Implemented a strategically planned SAP integration and business process re-engineering

throughout entire value chain, including subsidiaries, distributors and select suppliers.

• Drove sales and marketing and developed distributor conferences and workshops focusing on

fostering sales skills, promoting technical knowledge, training customer care and transforming

financial and operational performance.

National Oil Corporation of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya 2005 - 2009

A parastatal that retails and distributes imported petroleum products while spearheading the exploration of oil.


• Recruited by Minister of Energy to turn around state-owned petroleum importer and distributor.

• Served as Chairman of Finance and Corporate Strategy committees.

• Introduced financial controls, fiscal discipline, and monitoring to reduce corruption and inefficient

use of state resources.

• Helped to transform state-owned enterprise that was hemorrhaging funds into a profitable,

disciplined and financially responsible organization that was recognized as one of Kenya’s leading

and most-respected parastatal.

Aviation International Support, Nairobi, Kenya 1994 - 2006

An aviation company that owned, leased and operated fixed wing and helicopter aircraft throughout East Africa.

Founder and CEO

• Founded and built a company that operated a fleet of cargo aircraft conducting humanitarian aid

and refugee flights in conflict zones across Eastern Africa.

• Assembled an international team of pilots, engineers and support staff to support mission.

• Realized $12 million in revenue per annum through private lease, maintenance and operating



Master of Science, HEC Paris / University of Oxford, Templeton College, Oxford, UK

Emphasis: Coaching and Consulting for Change

Strategic Leadership Program, University of Oxford, Templeton College, Oxford, UK

Advanced Management Program, University of Oxford, Templeton College, Oxford, UK

Professional Training and Development

Retail Location Analysis Program, University of Oxford; Operators Management Course, Helicopter

Association International; Human Resources Management, Helicopter Association International;

Various Bell Helicopter Technical Courses; and Numerous courses in Management;

Awards and Recognitions

SatCom Stars Award - Satellite Industry Person of the Year, 2009 • SatCom Stars Award - Best Skills

Developer in Satellite Industry in Africa, 2010 • SatCom Stars Award - Best VSAT Operator in

Africa, 2008, 2009, 2010

World Communications Award - Best Operator in a Developing Market, 2007

Various Sporting Clay and Field Hockey Awards

Professional Affiliations and Club Memberships

Member, Congressional Country Club • Member, Muthaiga Country Club

Founding Member, American Chamber of Commerce Kenya

Member, Eastern Africa Association • Member, AeroClub of Kenya • Member, Izaak Walton

League of America

Complete List of Executive Positions

1981 – 1983 Chief Engineer, Autair Helicopter (EA) Ltd., Nairobi,


1983 – 1987 Chief Engineer, Tanzania Police Air wing Dar es Salaam,

Tanzania under contract from Rotorcraft Ltd

1984 – 1987 General Manager – Rotorcraft Tanzania Ltd (owned by

Autair Helicopters EA Ltd) KENYA

1985 – 1986 Manager of 3 helicopter operations for Shell Petroleum

Development Corporation

1987 – 1989 Group General Manager, Autair Helicopter (EA) Limited,


1989 – 1992 Managing Director, Autair helicopters (EA) Limited,


1992 – 1994 Managing Director, Subeck Aviation Ltd Nairobi, KENYA

1994 – July 2009 CEO, Afsat Communications (Tanzania) Ltd

1994 – July 2009 CEO, Afsat Communication (Uganda) Ltd.

1994 – July 2009 CEO, Afsat Communication Ltd (Kenya) Ltd.

1994- 2006 CEO, Aviation International Support Ltd, KENYA

1996 – July 2009 CEO, Afsat Communications (UK) Ltd

2002 – July 2009 CEO, iWayAfrica, NIGERIA

2004 – July 2009 CEO, iWayAfrica, ZAMBIA

2004 – July 2009 CEO, Afsat Communications (Africa) Ltd, MAURITIUS

2005 – October 2009 Director, National Oil Corporation of Kenya.

Chairman - Finance Committee,

Chairman - Corporate Strategy Committee.

July 2009 to July 2014 CEO, Callkey Networks Ltd., KENYA

2012 to 2017 CEO, Imarasat ltd

September 2014 to Present Director, Simba Corporation Ltd, KENYA

Chairman, Finance, Investment and Strategy Committee

Who Are We?



Tim Dupler, Esq. CEO

Tim Dupler has over 30 years of extensive experience as President/CEO with hands on experience in software architecture, business layouts, media management, call center and operational management for consumer product and service companies citing the following examples:

  • President of Ronco Inventions from 1999 to 2001 during the launch of the “Showtime Rotisserie” with annual revenues over $250mm per year and $100mm profits.
  • Amden Corporation: (Robert Urich; Cybersonic Toothbrush) President of Company, built operations and media company.
  • Los Defensores/800THELAW2: Family business with wife, built operations and media programs. On panel that wrote attorney advertising laws for Ca. and adopted by ABA. 76% market share in Spanish and 49% market share for English during tenure.
  • US Auto Parts, Inc.: Re-vamped Manila, Philippines 500 seat call center and increased monthly sales from $3.2mm monthly revenue to over $7mm monthly within 6 months.
  • Mr. Dupler earned a Juris Doctorate Degree from The University of West Los Angeles School of Law. Provided distinguished service to his country in the United States Army Infantry Sergeant in 4 years of Rapid Deployment Infantry units worldwide. Honorable Discharge as a Disabled Army Veteran. Training from General Motors Training School in Memphis, Tennessee and related work experiences resulted in registered GM engineer in 1978.
  • Linkedin Profile:
  •  linkedin.com/in/tim-dupler-esq-3330b04

Jim Pinto; Director, Secretary

Mr. Pinto has over 30 years experience developing business in domestic and International environments, for the manufacture in: Automotive, Aerospace, Machining, Semiconductor, Electronics, Medical Devices, Environmental, Security Systems, and Consumer Products. During Mr. Pinto’s Career he has held positions as President, COO and Vice President of Business Development. Co-Founder of Compart Precision Technologies Group, Shenzhen China – Ultra Clean Manufacturing with 2000 CNC machines and 15,000 people, Mr. Pinto’s clients included; Boeing, Honeywell, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Soto Metals Automotive, Teledyne, Allied Signal, Warner Technologies, Southwest Electric, NASA Lewis Research, GTE Sylvania, Kinetics, Cummings Aerospace, Solo Aerospace, International University Fund Moscow, Applied Materials, Lam, Matheson Tri-Gas, Unit Instruments, Seagate, Spearfish Economic Development Council, Broadway Singapore, Champion Investments–Automotive / Motorcycles, Harley Division, Indian Motorcycles, Yamaha, Honda, GM, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Tandex, Polaris, Icon Media Automotive Configurators, Whites Auto, Home Depot, Sears, Wall Mart, Cal-Tex Marketing. Author of White Paper “Hands On America”, Patent Holder #6,125,887, for Surface mounted integrated modules. Mr. Pinto is Chief Strategy Officer at Icon Interactive and holds several Board positions. Education: Stevens College - AB Accounting, New Hampshire College – BA – Accounting / Financing, Southern New Hampshire University – BS- Business, attended Boston College Law, Exchange Student McGill University, Canada, Toyota School of Lean Manufacturing, ISO Quality Training and Six Sigma, WFI-Hong Kong, International Banking, Training In Quality Management.

Linkedin Profile:


Joseph F. Battiato, MBA: Director  

Joe Battiato, MBA, Business Finance, Securities, Commodities and Portfolio Management. 

Starting as a mail clerk with Goldman Sachs in 1973, Mr. Battiato quickly proved his value by moving from that starting position to an analyst and then a Trader in the taxable fixed income department in his first 10 years. Subsequently, Mr. Battiato was promoted to Sr. Trader of mortgage backed Securities prior to being recruited by Dean Witter Reynolds to be Sr. Vice President of its Mortgage Backed Securities division which included Trading, Structured Finance, Research, Sales and Operations where he also Traded as “Market Maker” for the company’s proprietary position. Mr. Battiato became heavily sought after and joined Morgan Stanley as a Principal in its Mortgage Arbitrage Division in 1989 where he also purchased and managed inventory for structured transactions. 

At that point, Mr Battiato expanded his professional objectives to include managed funds and loans from the “resolution Trust Corporation as VP and then President of Aegis Holdings as he increased their platform from 20 to 950 employees as he transitioned Aegis from a company specializing in capital market executions in varying debt based obligations into a consumer finance company which included auto finance using structured finance to drive growth. Mr. Battiato undertook the responsibility and task of building all aspects of growth which included facilities, staffing, operations, and marketing approach ultimately resulting in a successful IPO launch of Aegis where he reported directly to the board of Directors until 1997 when he resigned to form Riverside Professional Services, Inc. so he could work directly with companies to assist them with business plans, asset management, business purchases, securities and asset purchases. 

That portfolio of services was expanded as Mr. Battiato included Ellington Management Group until 2008 as he was able to further assist his clients with asset management, due diligence and portfolio construct which included offshore property and portfolio management. 

In 2009, Mr. Battiato joined Global Commodities Advisors, GCA Trading, LLC as Managing Director where he currently provides advisory services to companies focused on financial structuring including portfolio management. Mr. Battiato routinely analyzes structured finance transactions backed by various forms of debt and equity instruments based on client needs. Mr. Battiato focuses primarily on negotiating, price, trade and document transactions in physical commodities as both Principal and Agent. 

Mr. Battiato received his Bachelor’s Degree in business and finance from Bernard Baruch University in 1979 and went on to gain his MBA from Pace University in Business Finance in 1986. 

Joe Battiato Linkedin Profile: https://wwwlinkedin..com/in/joe-battiato-0646b67/



Clair Ann Francomano, M.D.

Current Title


Director, Adult Genetics Program

Harvey Institute for Human Genetics Greater Baltimore Medical Center

Associate Professor, Medicine 

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Senior Medical Advisor; QDot Data Holdings, Inc.


1976 B.A., Yale University, New Haven, CT, magna cum laude 1980 M.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments:

1980­-81 Internship, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital 

  1981-­82: Residency, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital

 1982-83: Clinical Fellowship, Medical and Pediatric Genetics,   Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 

 1983­-85: Research Fellowship, Medical and Pediatric Genetics,   Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Faculty Appointments:

1984-­85: Assistant, Medical and Pediatric Genetics, Johns Hopkins   University School of Medicine

1985­-92: Assistant Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics, Johns   Hopkins University School of Medicine

1990­-94: Director, Greenberg Center for Skeletal Dysplasias, Johns   Hopkins University School of Medicine

1992­-present: Associate Professor, Medicine, Center for Medical   Genetics/Institute for Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of   Medicine

1996­-2000: Associate Professor (Adjunct), Department of Health   Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public   Health

2011­-2012: Visiting Scientist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Hospital and University Administrative Appointments:

1981-­82: Medical Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital 

1981­-82: Executive Committee, Medical Board of the Johns Hopkins   Hospital

1981­-84: Committee on House Staff and Postdoctoral Programs, Johns   Hopkins University School of Medicine

1983­-84: Medical School Council, Johns Hopkins University School   of Medicine

1984-present: Faculty, Short Course in Medical and Experimental   Mammalian Genetics, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

1985­-94: Internship Selection Committee, Department of Medicine,   Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

1988­-90: Committee on Admissions, Johns Hopkins University School   of Medicine

1988­-90: Provost's Committee on the Status of Women at Johns   Hopkins University

1991­-94: Pediatric Clinical Research Unit Advisory Board

1991­-94: General Clinical Research Centers Advisory Committee

1991­-94: Committee on Women and Minorities, Johns Hopkins   University School of Medicine

1992­-94: Task Force on Women's Academic Careers in Medicine,   Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

1992­-94: Planning Committee, Physician and Society Course 

1992­-94: Coordinator, Physician and Research Unit, Physician and   Society Course, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

1992­-94: Student Awards Committee, Johns Hopkins University School   of Medicine

1992­-94: Associate Secretary/Treasurer, Johns Hopkins Medical and   Surgical Association Council

1994-­present: Councilor, Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association Council

2011­-2013: Second Vice President, Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association

2013­-2015: First Vice President, Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association

2014­ present: Director, Ehlers­Danlos National Foundation Center for Clinical Care and Research

2015­ present: President, Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association

NIH Administrative Appointments:

1994 - 99: Chief, Medical Genetics Branch, National Human Genome Research Institute

1995-98: Director, Metropolitan Washington Medical Genetics Fellowship Program

1995-96: Search Committee for Director, Center for Medical Genetics, Georgetown University Medical Center

1995-96: National Human Genome Research Institute Reinvention Committee

1996-2005: Senior Biomedical Research Service (SBRS), NIH

1996-2001: Medical Executive Committee, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center 

1996-2001: Senior Biomedical Research Service (SBRS) Policy Board, NIH

1996-2001: Clinical Director, National Human Genome Research Institute

1996-98: NIH Committee on Inclusion of Children in Research

1996-97: NIH Committee on Recruitment and Career Development of NIH Clinical Researchers. Subcommittee Deputy Chair, Trends in Clinical Research Activities.

1996-2005: Board of Tutors, Clinical Research Training Program

1997-1999: Clinical Research Revitalization Committee, NIH 

1997-1999: Managed Care Workgroup, NIH

1998-2000: Central Tenure Committee, NIH

2001-2005:  Chief, Human Genetics and Integrative Medicine Section, Laboratory of Genetics, National Institute on Aging

2003-2005: Promotion and Tenure Committee, National Institute on Aging

2005-2006: Special Volunteer, National Institute on Aging

2006-present: Member, Working Group on Biofield Energy Medicine, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

2014-present: Intergovernmental Professional Agreement (IPA), National Institute on Aging

Specialty Certification:

1983: American Board of Internal Medicine

1984: American Board of Medical Genetics, Clinical Genetics

1993: American Board of Medical Genetics, Clinical Molecular Genetics

2003: American Board of Medical Genetics, Clinical Molecular Genetics recertification

2005: American Board of Medical Genetics, Clinical Molecular Genetics recertification

2007: American Board of Medical Genetics, Clinical Molecular Genetics recertification

2009: American Board of Medical Genetics, Clinical Molecular Genetics recertification

Licensure: M.D., Maryland, #D0025334

Awards and Honors:

1992: Honorary Life Member, Little People of America

1994: Antoine Marfan Award, National Marfan Foundation

1994: American Society of Clinical Investigation

1995: Fellow, Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program 

1998: Presidential Guest Speaker, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery

1999: CD Christian Distinguished Scientist, Society for Gynecological Investigation

2000: Ibero­American Society of Human Genetics Annual Award

2001: Keynote Speaker, North American Spine Society

2003: Third Annual Leaman Lectureship, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

2008, 2015: Named “Baltimore’s Best” Medical Geneticist by Baltimore Magazine

2012: Shing Star Award, Ehlers­Danlos National Foundation

2015: Award for Excellence, Improving the Lives of Children Foundation

Memberships in Academic Societies:

1982-86: Associate, American College of Physicians

1984:­ American Society of Human Genetics

1987:­ Medical Advisory Board, Little People of America

1988: American Federation for Clinical Research

1988:  American College of Physicians

1989-91: Maryland State Commission on Hereditary and Congenital Disorders

1992: American Medical Association

1992: American College of Medical Genetics, Founding Fellow

1993-95: Chairman, Board of Directors, Stetler Research Fund for Women Physicians 

1993-96: Board of Directors, Human Growth Foundation

1993-99: Organizing Committee, Bone Dysplasia Society

1995-96: Joint Rapid Action Team on Clinical Genetics Training, American Society of Human Genetics and American College of Medical Genetics

1995-96: Process Action Team on a Consolidated Military Genetics/DNA Program

1995-2009: Professional Advisory Board, National Marfan Foundation

1996: ELUM, Alumnae of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Fellowship

1996-2009: Board of Directors, Center for Human Genetics, Bar Harbor, ME

1998­-2000: Item Writer for Clinical Genetics Board Certification Examination, American Board of Medical Genetics

1999­-2005: Executive Committee, International Society on Dysplasias of the Skeletal

2000: National Advisory Council for Women 2000: Forging a Vision; Flora Stone Mather Alumae Association

2001­-2003: President, International Society on Dysplasias of the Skeleton

2009­-2010:  Co­Chair, Clinical Council, National Marfan Foundation

2011­ present: Scientific Advisory Board, Alstrom Syndrome International

2011:  Moderator and speaker, March of Dimes Symposium on Hereditary Disorders of Connective Tissue, American College of Medical Genetics, Vancouver, BC 

2011­-2014: Program Committee, American Society of Human Genetics

2013­: present Scientific Advisory Board, Chiari and Syringomyelia Foundation

2013­-present: Professional Advisory Board, Ehlers­Danlos National Foundation

2014­-present: Board of Directors, Ehlers­Danlos National Foundation

2014­-present: Director, Ehlers­Danlos National Foundation Center for Clinical Care and Research

Evaluative and Editorial Positions:

1989-99:  Editorial Board, Annals of Medicine (Helsinki)

1993-99: Scientific Director for Clinical Disorders, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

1996-99: Genetics Editor, Stedman's Medical Dictionary

1989-90: Ad Hoc Review Committee, National Institute Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health

1992: Ad Hoc Review Committee, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, NIH

1992: Ad Hoc member, Mammalian Genetics Study Section, National Institutes of Health

1993-96: Biology I Study Section, National Institutes of Health

2001:­ Book Reviewer, Johns Hopkins University Press

2001: Guest Editor, American Journal of Medical Genetics Seminars in Medical Genetics: Latest Developments in Skeletal Dysplasias

2002: Member, Multidisciplinary Review Panel, Genome Canada

2002: Guest Editor, American Journal of Medical Genetics Seminars in Medical Genetics: Medical Genetic Studies in the Amish

2004: Member, Multidisciplinary Review Panel, Genome Canada

2006: Member, Multidisciplinary Review Panel, Genome Canada

2010-2013: Editorial Board, Annals of Internal Medicine

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